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Personal Organizer

It is a service for those who love to have everything organized and know that it brings more pleasure and lightness to everyday life. We believe that with harmonized environments, good energies flow more easily.

We organize

  • Organization and resizing of rooms & closets
  • Organization and resizing of Living Room
  • Kitchen Organization & Pantry
  • Homestaging of Real Estate for Sale / Rental and or Local Accommodation
  • Move management

"Time is your most precious asset, and your home a personal temple.""


Organization and optimization of environments according to professional organization techniques.

An organized space has more balance and good energy!

  • Diagnosis
  • Work schedule
  • Evaluation of the organizing products
  • Purchase of organizing products
  • Screening of discard and detachment
  • Classification of parts;Organization and application of folding techniques or organization methods
  • Job delivery and tips on how to stay organized.

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Braz Sobreira

"I didn't believe anything else would fit in my closet until Silvana organized it. After that, we got other things in there! With the organization, I gained space."

"I had an urgency to arrange/transform a division into a dressing room and an office. Silvana's work far exceeded my expectations. Besides, she is an amiable person. I recommend her work!"

Adília Faria

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